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Why should you be interest in a Microsoft Dynamics365 Retail Solution?

Retail as an industry is going through an unbelievable transformation right now. Per Fortune, Online Retail sales grew 10.2% in FY16 in the US, and Forrester expects a 15% growth rate for retail.

Retail business leaders need tools that can help them manage their business in this fast-paced industry as well as the technology to keep them stay at the cutting edge as they work to deliver the best products and customer experiences they can.

Retailers are under increasing pressure to adapt as digital transformation changes the way consumers shop.

1- While brick and mortar still dominates total sales revenue, customers are making a higher number of purchases online to read

2- At the same time, customers desire a unified experience across channels. Companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain approximately 89% of their customers to read

3- Plus, mobile purchases are rising, with 34% of shoppers saying that their mobile phone will become their main purchasing tool to read

4- Customers also increasingly expect personalization, with 47% of digital customers stating that they want a consistent personalized shopping experience from one channel to the next to read

5- And finally, customers research products extensively before buying, meaning they are often more informed about products than employees. 61% of retail store managers believe that shoppers are better connected to product information than in-store associates. to read

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Randeep Dosanjh and his partners are outsourcing businesses of their own and through this model we can support our clients to maximize specific needs for optimal business solutions

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Clickstream Consulting Inc has divisions which are businesses of their own - Business & Management Consulting, Sales and Solutions and Technology Consulting. We also provide Recruitment and Staffing, Real Estate, Financial & Banking Partner, Technology solutions where we work on our own as well as our partners in that sector. We are a projects based firm with full life cycle projects and offer many sales channels through are technology leg "Clickstream Consulting Inc" - A Proudly Canadian company with global reaches. Randeep is a technology consultant and contractor focusing on SharePoint, SQL Server & related Microsoft Technologies as well as Data / Business Analysis with Project Lead Consultacy.

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Consulting and Contracting Clients (previous and past)

Have a look at some of the work details and firms where Randeep has completed projects on his own and while working with Clickstream Consulting Inc is and has completed work.

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Web Hosting, Hardware and Software Business Partners

You can get cloud and web hosting as well in house custom solutions from Randeep Dosanjh with Clickstream Consilting Inc and our Fortune100 and Fortune500 business partners to offer the right mix of Cloud, Software and Hardware products and services, within your price range for your custom solutions or manufacturer direct solutions. Some areas of expertise include but have not been limited to, either as a Developer or a Project Manager/Lead for on-premise applications, mobile solutions and web solutions. Many t projects have been custom internal ERP, CRM, eCommerce with other solutions.

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